The Dachsten south wall

Family Stocker

three generations working together

In our hotel you will be cared for and pampered by the entire Stocker family and a great team.

Lived hospitality is very important to us and therefore we are happy to be there for you and accompany you through a relaxing and recreative holiday. The enthusiasm of our guests is the best praise for us.

Wilfried from the Hotel Moser

Wilfried (Moser Wiff)

the boss of the house is responsible for the agriculture and that the lawn is always nicely mowed. Mostly you can find him on the tractor no matter whether in summer with the hay harvest or in winter with the snow clearing.

The landlady Anita from the Hotel Moser


the boss is a real all-rounder, no matter if reception, service or kitchen She feels comfortable everywhere.
She has an open ear for all guests and spends her free time on the golf course.

Sabrina from the Hotel Moser


is the eldest daughter and the kitchen-chef in our company.
She not only conjures up regional delicacies, but also brings Mediterranean flair to your plates. In winter she likes to spend her free hours on the snowboard.

Christina from the Hotel Moser


is the middle of 3 daughters and has recently started working in the family business. Her tasks include reception and service. Her personal concern is to improve the ecological footprint of the hotel.

Katharina from the Hotel Moser


the youngest daughter goes to an agricultural college. As soon as she has finished she wants to take care of the horses and take over the carriage rides.

Elfriede from the Hotel Moser

Elfriede (Moser Fridal)

our grandma is still in top form and still works hard to clean up, no matter if it's washing the dishes or cleaning the buffet.
In the summer months she can be found on the meadow and in the woods. No matter if mushrooms, cranberries or blackberries our grandma finds everything in rough quantities.

At Hotel Moser the whole family looks after the well-being of its guests.