Explore Rohrmoos comfortably with a horse-drawn sleigh

Horse-drawn sleigh ride

in untouched nature

In winter as well as in summer, a ride in a horse-drawn sleigh or horse-drawn carriage is a very special experience!

Take a carriage ride through the impressive surroundings in Rohrmoos, a welcome change for the whole family. Wrapped in warm blankets, you can let the wonderfully snow-covered winter landscape take its effect on you. Breathing in the fresh mountain and forest air, the monotonous trotting of the hooves, the soft ringing of the bells and the impressions of the idyllic surroundings provide immediate relaxation and deceleration.

Horse-drawn sleigh ride with a view of the Dachstein

Our tips:

  • Day trips through the snowy winter landscape

  • Impressive night rides under a starry sky

  • Excursions to rustic inns and huts

  • Trips in the Valleys

    Please contact the hotel reception staff to book horse-drawn sleigh rides. If a larger group would like to book a carriage ride, we are also happy to work with partners on Rohrmoos.

Off to the snow!